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# Week 4
## Python
### implementation
* Refactor code.
- Fix bug with separators.
- Add option to cli to select which type of inequalities to be included.
* Implement different type of constraints.
- _Solving the Maximum-Weight Connected Subgraph Problem to Optimality_
- _Solving the Connected Dominating Set Problem and Power Dominating Set Problem by Integer Programming
### runtime
* Do tests according to test concept and store data in some sort of strucured format(CSV/ XML/ JSON) which could be included in python or R.
## thesis
* Begin paragraph about results and add preliminary results and observations.
- Create a concept how to test and which test results you want to include.
## literature
* Read _Imposing Connectivity Constraints in Forest Planning Models_.
- Check for different constraints which could strengthen the formulation.
* Read _Solving the Connected Dominating Set Problem and Power Dominating Set Problem by Integer Programming_
- Different constraints to induce connectivity are compared. Try to implement some of them to compare them and see which one is best. You may see if this is related to a charateristic of your graphs. As the literature may states that for some type of graphs some approaches are better.
* Check _On imposing connectivity constraints in integer programs_ again to see if there is some other literature which you are missing.
# Backlog
## Python
### Implementation
* Remove lp_to_graph from package and instead use some other format to store graphs and use them as input.
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