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Basic Flow-Chart for Algorithm

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\tikzstyle{block} = [rectangle, draw, fill=blue!20,
text width=5em, text centered, rounded corners, minimum height=4em]
\tikzstyle{line} = [draw, -latex']
\begin{tikzpicture}[node distance = 1cm]
\node [block] (datamodel) {Data Modeling};
\node [block, left= of datamodel] (input) {Input};
\node [block, below= of datamodel] (reduce) {Reduction Rules};
\node [block, below right = of reduce] (solveILP) {ILP Solver};
\node [block, below left = of reduce] (solveHeuristic) {Heuristic Solver};
\node [block, below right= of solveHeuristic] (output) {Generate Output};
\path [line] (input) -- (datamodel);
\path [line] (datamodel) -- (reduce);
\path [line] (reduce) -- (solveILP);
\path [line] (reduce) -- (solveHeuristic);
\path [line] (solveILP) -- (output);
\path [line] (solveHeuristic) -- (output);
\caption{Overview of the Yoshiko Algorithm} \label{algOverview}
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......@@ -37,6 +43,7 @@
\section{The Yoshiko-App for Cytoscape}
\subsection{Technical Details}
\subsubsection{Data Modeling}
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