Commit 54559a39 authored by Michael Leuschel's avatar Michael Leuschel
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change text of export PO label

parent 91113f7c
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ public class DisproverPreferences extends PreferencePage implements
checkDoubleEval.setSelection(prefNode.getBoolean("doubleeval", false));
new Label(pageComponent, SWT.NONE)
.setText("Export selected hypotheses to B text file (/tmp/ProB_Rodin_PO_SelectedHyps.mch):");
.setText("Export Goal and selected Hypotheses to B file (/tmp/ProB_Rodin_PO_SelectedHyps.mch):");
checkExportSelectedHyps = new Button(pageComponent, SWT.CHECK);
checkExportSelectedHyps.setSelection(prefNode.getBoolean("exportpo", false));
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