Commit 50bf82f8 authored by Michael Leuschel's avatar Michael Leuschel
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add Disprover counter-example output

parent 14535a6e
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ public class DisproverReasoner implements IReasoner {
ICounterExample counterExample = DisproverCommand.disprove(
Animator.getAuxAnimator(), evbProject, allHypotheses,
selectedHypotheses, goal, timeoutFactor, context, pm);
//"Disprover: Result: " + counterExample.toString());"Disprover: Result: " + counterExample.toString());
return counterExample;
......@@ -197,12 +197,12 @@ public class DisproverReasoner implements IReasoner {
&& counterExample.onlySelectedHypotheses()) {
+ ": Counter-Example for selected hypotheses found.");
return ProverFactory
"ProB: Counter-Example for selected Hypotheses found, Goal not provable from selected Hypotheses (may be provable with all Hypotheses)");
"ProB: Counter-Example to Goal for selected Hypotheses found (may be provable with all Hypotheses): " + counterExample.toString()); // use abbreviate or substring(0, Math.min(s.length(), 100));
System.out.println(sequent.toString() + ": Counter-Example found.");
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