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# Changelog
## [(next version)](./
## [(next version)](
* Updated ProB 2 to version 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT.
* Added a `:language` command to allow changing the language used to parse user input. For example `:language event_b` can be used to switch to Event-B syntax when a non-Event-B machine is loaded (or no machine at all).
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ This is a [Jupyter]( kernel for the [ProB animator and mode
* **[Download the latest version here](**
* Download links for previous versions can be found in the [changelog].
* A [snapshot build]( of the latest development version is also available. **Warning:** this is an unstable version that can contain bugs or breaking changes.
See the [requirements](#requirements) and [installation instructions](#installation) for information on how to install and use the downloaded jar file.
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