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    Rewrite installation process to be fully Python-based · d4e70d07
    dgelessus authored
    This allows using Jupyter's Python API to install the kernel. It returns
    the location of the newly installed kernelspec, which allows copying the
    kernel jar file into the kernelspec directory instead of the ProB home
    directory. This is cleaner and allows fully uninstalling the kernel
    using a single command.
    Additionally, we no longer depend on Guice to generate the kernel.json
    (we use Python's json module instead) and no longer use the deprecated
    Main.getProBDirectory method from ProB 2.
    The Python script for installing the kernel is bundled into the kernel
    jar as __main__.py, which allows running the jar file using Python. The
    installation can still be started using Java, in which case the jar
    re-executes itself using Python. Yes, this is a little bit cursed, but
    it works.
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