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......@@ -8,18 +8,10 @@ PyDial3: the Python Statistical Dialog System
To get familiar with usage of PyDial, you can use the following tutorials:
- `Introduction to PyDial <tutorials/Introduction%20to%20PyDial.html>`_
- `Policy module <tutorials/Policy%20module.html>`_
- `Spoken Language Understanding <tutorials/Spoken%20Language%20Understanding.html>`_
- `Natural Language Generation <tutorials/Natural%20Language%20Generation%20Module.html>`_
- `How to add your own module <tutorials/How%20to%20add%20your%20own%20module.html>`_
- `How to add a new domain <tutorials/How%20to%20add%20a%20new%20domain.html>`_
- `Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies <tutorials/Deep%20RL%20Policies.html>`_
- `Download the Code <>`_
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