Commit 82d071ea authored by Carel van Niekerk's avatar Carel van Niekerk
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Add missing testPyDial script

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echo "Running PyDial Tests"
if [ ! -d tests ]; then
echo "No tests directory - testing aborted"
exit -1
rm -f timeout
rm -f _testlogs/*
let count=0
for f in tests/test_*.py; do
(time python $f ) >> timeout 2>&1
t=`grep real timeout | tr -d '[:space:]' | sed 's/real//'`
rm timeout
let count=count+1
printf "%3d %-30s time %s\n" $count $f $t
warn=`grep WARN _testlogs/*.log | wc -l`
errs=`grep ERROR _testlogs/*.log | wc -l`
printf "%d tests:%4d warnings,%4d errors\n" $count $warn $errs
if [ $errs -gt 0 ]; then
grep ERROR _testlogs/*.log
printf "See test logs in _testlogs for details"
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