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- Refinde the concept how to test and which test results you want to include.
## literature
* Read _Imposing Connectivity Constraints in Forest Planning Models_.
* Read _Imposing Connectivity Constraints in Forest Planning Models_.
- Check for different constraints which could strengthen the formulation. (with focus on symmetry breaking)
- They did not mention a symmetry breaker *but* they mentioned some other types of inequalities which could strengthen the formulation according to the connectivity specification.
- A thing which was interesting that for their specific problems (which were not really close to MCDS and had only connectivity in common) they achived a much stronger LP bound.
- They added cuts before an ILP solution was found and added cuts for LP solutions also.
* Read _An Efficient Branch and Cut Algorithm to Find Frequently Mutated Subnetworks in Cancer_ again with focus on symmetry breaking.
* Read through _An Integer Programming Approach for Fault-Tolerant Connected Dominating Sets*_ again and check for symmetry breaking or other constraints to tighten up the space of solutions.
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