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howpublished = {\url{}},
note = {Accessed: 2021-04-18},
editor = {{Jason Scholz \& Jai Galliott}},
title = {The Case for Ethical AI in the Military 685},
booktitle = {The Oxford Handbook of ETHICS OF AI},
publisher = {Oxford University Press},
year = {2020},
isbn = {978–0–19–006739–7},
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\begin{frame}{The Case For Ethical AI In The Military}
Prof. Dr. John Scholz
Dr. Jai Galliott
“Meanwhile, with \textbf{fears} about \textbf{nonexistent sentient robots stalling} debate and \textbf{halting technological progress}, one can see in the news that the world faces pressing \textbf{ethical} and \textbf{humanitarian problems} in the use of \textbf{existing weapons}.”
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