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Update dropoff impression

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......@@ -377,8 +377,8 @@ Department for Computer-Networks and Communication-Systems}
\begin{frame}{First Impression}
Using vocab. with SCONJ, CCONJ, AUX, DET:
\item [$\Rightarrow$] 0.069\% dropoff in abortion
\item [$\Rightarrow$] 0.066\% dropoff in brexit
\item [$\Rightarrow$] 0.12\% dropoff in abortion
\item [$\Rightarrow$] 0.14\% dropoff in brexit
\item [$\Rightarrow$] Dropoff = Adds, Allegations, Comments, Links etc.
\item [$\Rightarrow$] Root-Tweets $\geq$200 chars) could be better
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