Commit 16d936e2 authored by Jan Hoeckesfeld's avatar Jan Hoeckesfeld
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revert previous change

parent 04c5a8cb
...@@ -86,10 +86,10 @@ rule calcLikelihoods: ...@@ -86,10 +86,10 @@ rule calcLikelihoods:
gpus = '0', gpus = '0',
walltime = lambda wildcards, attempt: '01:00:00' walltime = lambda wildcards, attempt: '01:00:00'
singularity: singularity:
lambda wildcards: 'docker://phspo/ckmertools:latest' if wildcards.iterset=="master" else 'singularity_container/ckmertools_iterset.sif' 'singularity_container/ckmertools_iterset.sif'
#'docker://phspo/ckmertools:iterationset-tests' #'docker://phspo/ckmertools:iterationset-tests'
shell: shell:
lambda wildcards: 'c_kmertools --e {input.expected} --c {params.cpus} --m 0 --o {input.observed} --kmererror {params.e} --d {params.deviationCutoff} --target {output.likelihoods} --unexpected {output.unexpectedLikelihoods} --log {log}' if wildcards.iterset=="master" else 'c_kmertools --e {input.expected} --c {params.cpus} --m 0 --o {input.observed} --kmererror {params.e} --d {params.deviationCutoff} --target {output.likelihoods} --unexpected {output.unexpectedLikelihoods} --log {log} --itersetType {params.itersetType} --hammingdist {input.V_kmers_distances} --kmersindex {input.V_kmers}' 'c_kmertools --e {input.expected} --c {params.cpus} --m 0 --o {input.observed} --kmererror {params.e} --d {params.deviationCutoff} --target {output.likelihoods} --unexpected {output.unexpectedLikelihoods} --log {log} --itersetType {params.itersetType} --hammingdist {input.V_kmers_distances} --kmersindex {input.V_kmers}'
rule calcLikelihoods_Generative: rule calcLikelihoods_Generative:
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