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Changed the color attribute name vilolett to violet because of spelling...

Changed the color attribute name vilolett to violet because of spelling misstake. German to English.
parent bdda3b43
...@@ -150,19 +150,19 @@ class Particle(matter.Matter): ...@@ -150,19 +150,19 @@ class Particle(matter.Matter):
else: else:
tmp_memory = matter.read_whole_memory() tmp_memory = matter.read_whole_memory()
if tmp_memory != None and len(tmp_memory) > 0 : if tmp_memory != None:
if matter.type == "particle": if not(hasattr(tmp_memory, '__len__')) or len(tmp_memory) > 0: particle_read=1) if matter.type == "particle":
self.csv_particle_writer.write_particle(particle_read=1) particle_read=1)
elif matter.type == "tile": self.csv_particle_writer.write_particle(particle_read=1) tile_read=1) elif matter.type == "tile":
self.csv_particle_writer.write_particle(tile_read=1) tile_read=1)
elif matter.type == "marker": self.csv_particle_writer.write_particle(tile_read=1) marker_read=1) elif matter.type == "marker":
self.csv_particle_writer.write_particle(marker_read=1) marker_read=1)
return tmp_memory self.csv_particle_writer.write_particle(marker_read=1)
else: return tmp_memory
return None return None
def matter_in(self, direction=E): def matter_in(self, direction=E):
""" """
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