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Update for border walk

parent fae35304
"""This is the main module of the Swarm-Sim"""
"""This is the main module of the Opportunistic Robotics Network Simulator"""
import configparser
......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ from datetime import datetime
from lib import sim
def swarm_sim(argv):
"""In the main function first the config is getting parsed and than
the simulator and the sim object is created. Afterwards the run method of the simulator
......@@ -35,11 +34,13 @@ def swarm_sim(argv):
size_y = config.getint("Simulator", "size_y")
window_size_x = config.getint("Simulator", "window_size_x")
window_size_y = config.getint("Simulator", "window_size_y")
border = config.getint("Simulator", "border")
max_particles = config.getint("Simulator", "max_particles")
mm_limitation = config.getboolean("Matter", "mm_limitation")
mm_particle = config.getint("Matter", "particle_mm_size")
mm_tile= config.getint("Matter", "tile_mm_size")
mm_location=config.getint("Matter", "location_mm_size")
mm_limitation = config.getboolean("matter", "mm_limitation")
mm_particle = config.getint("matter", "particle_mm_size")
mm_tile= config.getint("matter", "tile_mm_size")
mm_location=config.getint("matter", "location_mm_size")
tile_color_map = config.getboolean("matter", "tile_color_map")
......@@ -91,7 +92,7 @@ def swarm_sim(argv):
max_particles=max_particles, mm_limitation=mm_limitation,
particle_mm_size=mm_particle, tile_mm_size=mm_tile, location_mm_size=mm_location,
dir=directory, random_order=random_order,
visualization=visualization, border=border, window_size_x=window_size_x, window_size_y=window_size_y,)'Finished')
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