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      Big Update: · 1ea3ec5e
      Ahmad Reza authored
      !!!Almost all the the Swarm-Sim core libaries written at the HHU
      has no code smells!!!!! :)))) Only vis.py has code smells and this
      is not written by HHU. And multiple.py as well and some solutions.
      But in total all the core libaries/interfaces of the Swarm-Sim
      has no code smells. Yeapy!!!!
      The scanning for matters method has been modified and refactored.
      The header became a new function called scanning.
      The stl_lib for the scenarios became to methods.
      One for creating particles in hexagon.
      The other one for creating a hexagon border with tiles.
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      Some name changes in the config. · 5feb3c11
      Ahmad Reza authored
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      Some name changes in the config. mm_limit is renamed to · e5d60a98
      Ahmad Reza authored
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      Again a lot of changes have been done: · 4a673030
      Ahmad Reza authored
      - For the reading the data of the config the classe ConfigData is created
      in a seperated file called config.py
      - For the visualization a bug is fixed. The bug was that whenever
      the vis.py goes into a sleep it is not possible to zoom or to create
      tiles. !This bus has been fixed by Karol Actun!
      - Three methods sim_to_coords, coords_to_sim, check_coords are moved
      from the world.py to the header.py. Because those methods are
      independent from the world.py. Based on these change some changes
      have to been made on the other files.
      - The particle counter has been removed from particle.py. The counting
      of the particle and given the particle a number based on the counting
      is happening now in world.py.
      - Some unnecessary variables have been deleted from the matters.
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      Many changes: · 21fe8a0a
      Ahmad Reza authored
      sim.py renamed to world.py
      run.py renamed to swarm-sim.py
      swarm-sim.py got a new structure for initializing the swarm-sim and calling the solution. The solution calling is independent from vis.py
      vis.py: The run method is renamed to draw_world. Solution is not called anymore inside of this method. A new variable called refresh_time is added. The draw window is getting refreshed after each solution has been called and refresh_time is over.
      header.py: in the lib a header.py is inserted. In this file all the standards color and direcotries are defined. As well some standard methods for checking or changing the directions.
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