Commit 74e8dfb5 authored by Ahmad Reza's avatar Ahmad Reza
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matter to Matter

parent 4fdf1dd2
......@@ -36,11 +36,10 @@ def swarm_sim(argv):
window_size_y = config.getint("Simulator", "window_size_y")
border = config.getint("Simulator", "border")
max_particles = config.getint("Simulator", "max_particles")
mm_limitation = config.getboolean("matter", "mm_limitation")
mm_particle = config.getint("matter", "particle_mm_size")
mm_tile= config.getint("matter", "tile_mm_size")
mm_location=config.getint("matter", "location_mm_size")
tile_color_map = config.getboolean("matter", "tile_color_map")
mm_limitation = config.getboolean("Matter", "mm_limitation")
mm_particle = config.getint("Matter", "particle_mm_size")
mm_tile= config.getint("Matter", "tile_mm_size")
mm_location=config.getint("Matter", "location_mm_size")
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