Commit 68b52fc0 authored by Ahmad Reza Cheraghi's avatar Ahmad Reza Cheraghi
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Update for border walk

parent a450bbad
......@@ -120,6 +120,10 @@ class Particle(matter.matter):
dir_coord = self.sim.get_coords_in_dir(self.coords, dir)
#sim = self.sim_to_coords(dir_coord[0], dir_coord[1])
#print ("sim actual coord "+ str(sim))
if self.sim.border==1:
if abs(dir_coord[0]) > self.sim.get_sim_x_size() or abs(dir_coord[1]) > self.sim.get_sim_y_size() :
dir = dir - 3 if dir > 2 else dir + 3
dir_coord = self.sim.get_coords_in_dir(self.coords, dir)
if self.sim.check_coords(dir_coord[0], dir_coord[1]):
try: # cher: added so the program does not crashed if it does not find any entries in the map
......@@ -140,9 +144,6 @@ class Particle(matter.matter):
self.carried_particle.coords = self.coords
return True
return False
return False
def move_to_in_bounds(self, dir):
......@@ -1629,7 +1630,7 @@ class Particle(matter.matter):
:return: True: successful taken; False: unsuccessful taken
if self.carried_tile is None and self.carried_particle is None:
if id in self.sim.get_particle_map_coords_id():
if id in self.sim.get_particle_map_id():"particle with particle id %s is in the sim", str(id))
self.carried_particle = self.sim.particle_map_id[id]
if self.carried_particle.take_me(self.coords):
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