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    Again a lot of changes have been done: · 4a673030
    Ahmad Reza authored
    - For the reading the data of the config the classe ConfigData is created
    in a seperated file called config.py
    - For the visualization a bug is fixed. The bug was that whenever
    the vis.py goes into a sleep it is not possible to zoom or to create
    tiles. !This bus has been fixed by Karol Actun!
    - Three methods sim_to_coords, coords_to_sim, check_coords are moved
    from the world.py to the header.py. Because those methods are
    independent from the world.py. Based on these change some changes
    have to been made on the other files.
    - The particle counter has been removed from particle.py. The counting
    of the particle and given the particle a number based on the counting
    is happening now in world.py.
    - Some unnecessary variables have been deleted from the matters.